Your Easiest New Year’s Resolution: Make Your Savings Grow Faster

Sticking to your new year’s resolution is often a time-consuming proposition. Want to get fit? Be ready to spend hours at the gym. Considering a side hustle? Goodbye, weekends.

But if your resolution is to save more, there’s one quick way to start: Open a high-yield online savings account. You can do this at many banks in less than 15 minutes, and you’ll earn at least 20 times more interest than you would in a traditional savings account. Continue reading

New UltraFICO Score Could Boost Credit Access for Consumers

A new FICO credit score, launching in 2019, could be good news for consumers who don’t quite have the credit scores they need to qualify for a financial product or for the terms they were hoping for.

The UltraFICO score is an opt-in credit model that uses information from your checking, savings or money market accounts to supplement data already in your credit report. The information being considered includes how much you have in savings, how long the accounts have been open and how active they are. It’s meant to boost your existing FICO score, which ranges from 300 to 850. Continue reading